6:00 PM18:00


Love Where You Live

Volunteers Needed:

We have signed up to host 5 trunks. If you are interested in hosting a trunk please check connect card Sunday morning in the sanctuary.

Donations Needed:

25,000 pieces of candy are required to host 5 trunks!

Donations can be dropped off in the trunk on the porch on Sundays or in the office weekdays 8-5 PM excluding the lunch hour 12-1 PM.

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Grit & Grace Women’s Luncheon
12:00 PM12:00

Grit & Grace Women’s Luncheon

Saturday, March 24 at noon 

Dr. Patricia Hilliard from Naples will be our speaker and we have an afternoon planned that will inspire, bless and encourage you to press on, no matter what comes your way. 

Tickets will be on sale March 4/$20 per person

If you would like to hostess a table, please contact Kathy Freeman.

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Quarterly Conference
6:00 PM18:00

Quarterly Conference

The Church Quarterly Conference will be held in the sanctuary.

Sanctuary Restroom Remodel

For some time now much conversations and consideration has been given to the inadequacies of our sanctuary restrooms and how to resolve them. This dialogue led us to conduct an overall facility evaluation to ensure that we were not only addressing the short term needs but the needs we will face in the future. We have been working with an engineering firm to create a long-range building plan to better guide our decisions and this process is nearing an end. we look forward to sharing more about this plan in the upcoming months.

What has become apparent in this process is that building a new foyer, with ADA compliant restrooms, on to our sanctuary is going to take an extended timetable to raise capital, get permitting, and finally construction.

This led us to explore a new solution that would address a critical part of our restroom concern and still fit in the long-range plan. This plan would be a complete remodeling of our existing restrooms that would provide us with:

1-Unisex ADA compliant restroom
1-Unisex restroom
1-Women's restroom with three toilets

These facilities would occupy our current restroom space and thus still be behind the sanctuary. The benefit of this proposal is that it resolves not having an ADA restroom, creates maximum flexibility/usage, and can be completed in 3 months at a cost of $27,500.

We will be discussing and voting on this proposal at our Church Quarterly Conference on August 20th at 6:00 PM.

If you have a question please call Elder Dave Colvin at 317-697-2716 or email 

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Student Summer Camps
to Jul 30

Student Summer Camps


Register on website:

Elementary 1st-5th Grade:

June 12-16 * June 19-23 * June 26-30

Middle School 6th-8th Grade:

July 10-14


July 23-30

If you would like to sponsor a child for camp, contributions can be made payable to First Baptist Church and marked for Camp WAKATAKA or X-FUGE Youth Camp.



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