Paint Me in the Morning

Each painting tells a story... Each one captures a journey.

But I can say that the heart behind the piece is for people to see His glory.

I hesitate to tell you too many of the details of what I painted, because one of the things I love about abstract art is that the onlooker almost becomes a piece in finishing the artwork as they observe and let the art speak to them.

This piece is inspired by the sunrise I was enjoying the first morning before I started painting... I asked the Lord what I should paint, and He said "this".... Paint me in the morning. Paint the beauty of my light.

Some of the words painted on the canvas are "because I first loved you". Because it was all Him. All His love. All His pursuit. He reaches down to us and extends an invitation...To use us as His image bearers. He longs to burst forth, in us, to display His glory. Wow. What a gift.

- Samira Gast Myers, Worshiper