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Thank you so much for taking part in our series this month, A Life Worth Giving. We're grateful you've been listening!

We believe it's vitally important to have a healthy spiritual diet consisting of plenty of variety, so we've hand-picked a selection of supplemental resources to share with you. They've been personally inspiring to us, and we've seen them take deep root in people's lives and produce good fruit. We hope you'll take them to heart and reap a bountiful harvest as well!


Three Free Online Budgeting Tools


EveryDollar is free budget software accessible from your computer and iPhone. It is based on a proven plan that's helped millions of people get out of debt and save. You'll soon find money you didn't know you had. Take control with an EveryDollar budget and start living!

Stuff You’ll Love:

    No more pen, paper, spreadsheets or boring budgeting software!

    Budget from your computer or iPhone app

    Create your first budget in 10 minutes

    Add and split transactions on the go

    Quick views for what's planned, spent and remaining



This is the online budget tool that started a revolution. You can link your financial accounts — savings, checking, credit cards — to Mint.

Your information is automatically updated as it appears in your accounts. In many cases, categories are automatically assigned to your spending.

You can also track your progress toward retirement goals, as well as use Mint to create a debt pay down plan. Visual tools, including graphs and reports, clearly illustrate your situation, and help you chart a course.



If you are looking for something straightforward and simple, BudgetSimple might be helpful. The main point of this budgeting tool is to help you get out of debt. You track your expenses, manage your bills, and learn how to live within your means. There are no frills with BudgetSimple, but it is one of the easiest ways to create a budget. Plus, you can view your progress with the help of charts and other visuals.

Getting Rid of Debt

The Debt Snowball is one of the most tried and true approaches to getting out of debt. Below you will find a link to a great description of what the debt snowball is and a link to a calculator that will allow you to fill in your personal finances and see how the snowball will work for you.


Debt Snowball Calculator

This calculator will show you how much time and money you could save by paying off your debts using the "rollover" method. Using the rollover method, as each smaller debt is paid off, the freed-up payment amount is then applied to the next larger debt, and so on until all debts are paid off. As you are about to see, the rollover method can save you a ton of money in interest charges, and get you debt free in a very short period of time.


Tools & Resources from Dave Ramsey

Taking control of your money may seem overwhelming at first, but you are not alone. We have developed a variety of tools to keep you on track and focused!