Pastoral Thoughts for April

As we move into April, we have celebrated our Lord’s death, burial and resurrection through our Easter activities.  This month we will continue to meet in our All-Access Sessions on Wed. nights following dinner at 6pm.  

On Easter we focused on Jesus bringing us All-Access to the Father through His sacrifice. Jesus gave us a right to boldly approach the throne of God.  That is access we don’t have apart from Him.

This month, we will be focused on giving Jesus All-Access to us.  Our time, our priorities and the subject no one wants to hear talked about, our finances.

In the month of April we will be looking at the richness of being a generous people.  Not richness in terms of monetary value, but richness as it applies to the depth of Christ that comes alive when we surrender everything to Him including our finances.

Our vision statement is we will strive to follow Jesus as a family united and engage the world with His love.  To follow Him united and engage the world we must give up our lives to Him.  

May the month of April teach us all through the power of His word and Holy Spirit to become more cheerful in our giving and more giving in our lives.

- Keith Campbell, Lead Pastor