Pastoral Thoughts for June

It’s in the everyday occurrences of life that we find ourselves becoming lost in the world or focused on worshiping God.  The very thing that drives one person to pray may drive another person into worry and stress. If I asked you what you are concerned about right now I am pretty sure you would have an answer for me.

Jesus came to die for the sinners.  You and I are a part of that gang.  He died and rose again to be with us, and He admonishes us to lay our cares upon Him.  We are called to trust Him for everything and not worry about anything.  Basically, He tells us to handle the day and don’t worry about tomorrow, because it will take care of itself.  That is so much easier to say than do.

Over the Summer months we are going to be dealing will LIFE UNDER THE SUN.  Our everyday lives that have millions of details are the playing field for us to display our trust in God and our lack of fear for the future. In Ecclesiastes, we find Solomon searching and finding some knowledge through his life under the sun.

In our searching of what He wrote, we will look to see where we find Jesus calling out to us through redeeming time and life.

Because here is the thing.  When we crash into the details of life that are both awesome and tragic, we are faced with at least 2 options that we could take.  We could get so lost in the details that we lose sight of following Jesus or we could recognize that God has introduced this for a reason.  And that reason is to display Jesus all through it!

Come find the gospel in Ecclesiastes as we explore Life Under The Sun.